Novel Blogging by Liberty Montano

This book is a mess. It’s a neat idea, and well-intentioned, but the execution is beyond bad. For starters, it needs an editor, a proofreader, and a formatter. There are no apostrophes in the entire book. Contractions and plurals are spelled correctly, but without apostrophes. For example, don’t becomes dont. At first, I wondered if it was just a problem with the Nook version. Conversion issues sometimes happen. But I looked at the Kindle version too. Same problems. There are also double periods, improper indentation, and grammar/spelling mistakes too numerous to mention. NOVEL BLOGGING is an editing and formatting nightmare.

Then there are the charts. The book is loaded with them, several per chapter. Charts can be useful as a clear, simple way to get across difficult information. However, the charts in NOVEL BLOGGING are there just for the sake of charts. A list of possible blog topics does not need to be in a chart. A checklist of time-management ideas does not need to be in a chart. Questions to ask yourself before blogging do not need to be in a chart. Hasn’t Montano ever heard of lists?

None of these charts showed up correctly on my ereader. Changing the font, the margins, or the line spacing did not help. This wasn’t user error. There was absolutely nothing I could do on my end to stop the ereader from cutting off half of each chart. And really, it’s not up to me to make an ebook readable. That is up to the publisher (who in this case is also the author).

I waded through half the book before giving up. If the content were decent, I’d probably try to make it all the way through the mess. However, this book is nothing more than shallow observations and “you can do it!” platitudes.

My blog doesn’t have a zero-star rating, so I’ll have to go with one star for NOVEL BLOGGING. I’m sorry I wasted my time on it, and I hope that none of you waste your time trying to read it.


rating: 1 star


I recommend Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran or How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie and Brent Cole instead of this book

3 thoughts on “Novel Blogging by Liberty Montano

  1. This sounds like a painful experience. I understand the desire to get a book out to the public, the anticipation and the excitement behind publishing. However, it doesn’t serve the readers when authors to rush or skip out on revision and editing, which is what it sounds like happened in this case.


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