Rock your Query by Cathy Yardley


ROCK YOUR QUERY is my favorite kind of ebook. It’s short, to the point, with all the information a writer needs and none that she doesn’t. I appreciate Yardley’s straightforward approach. The only drawback to the short-and-sweet style is that Yardley doesn’t include many examples. Even so, beginning writers should have no problem writing their own queries using her method.

A query (a one-page letter introducing your novel to agents and editors) is not a complicated document. It has three parts: an introduction, a mini synopsis, and a closing paragraph. Of the three, the introduction is the hardest to get right. Yardley shows writers how to use that first paragraph to hook an agent or editor. She suggests a very, very brief middle paragraph, as short as three sentences. Although I personally think a writer has a bit more room than that, I can’t argue with Yardley, since she shows how to make those three sentences say it all. The closing paragraph is where the writer gives her credentials, showing that she is a pro, or at least has pro work habits.

Yardley also helps with other parts of a query package, since some editors or agents also want a full synopsis and/or sample pages. She does a superior job helping writers figure out what to leave in and (more importantly) what to leave out of their synopses. ROCK YOUR QUERY ends with a bit about the sample pages, helping writers overcome common problems.

There is a lot of information in books and on the internet about query writing, some of it useful, some of it fluff. I’d put ROCK YOUR QUERY in the useful category. It has everything a new writer needs to know to write this maddening document. Making the query rock? Well, that’s up to you.


ROCK YOUR QUERY can be found here.


rating: 4 stars


This book is best for: beginning writers


I recommend this book

4 thoughts on “Rock your Query by Cathy Yardley

    • I love showcasing good books! I took a peek at my stats, and 4 stars is the most common rating I give.

      I glad I found this one and am able to share it with my readers.

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