Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran

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Gaughran’s earlier book, LET’S GET DIGITAL, taught writers how to publish an ebook. But what then? Books won’t get discovered by readers without some work by the author. Overwhelmed with the urge to do something, many writers resort to cheap, easy, but ultimately ineffective ways to promote books. Let’s face it, tweeting “Buy my book!” every day won’t win anyone new fans. In LET’S GET VISIBLE, Gaughran offers true promotion plans that show writers how to connect with readers, not annoy them.

Gaughran begins by dissecting the kindle ecosystem. Amazon has many ways to connect readers with the books they are most likely to buy, but the algorithms are confusing for authors. Gaughran discusses the various list (bestseller, popularity, movers and shakers, hot new releases) and shows how to give your book its best shot at hitting a list. He also breaks down some of the myths that surround Amazon and its recommendation engine.

Next, he covers pricing, and how to change prices for maximum sales. Self-publishers, especially those whose books are exclusive to Amazon, have a great deal of flexibility about pricing, and the price you set today doesn’t have to be the price you charge tomorrow. Gaughran advises “pulsing” the price up and down depending on a variety of factors. Everyone loves a bargain, and putting your book on sale–when done correctly–can give it a real boost. He follows up with a chapter on advertising. After all, what good is a sale if no one knows about it?

It all comes together with a final chapter on launch strategy. Gaughran shows writers what to do in those crucial few days when a book is brand new. He suggests a slow approach, rolling out news and promotion over several days (or weeks) to make sure a book doesn’t shoot up the charts too quickly. A slower climb means a slower fall and is better in the long run.

LET’S GET VISIBLE is an ambitious book, and reading it, one might think that every writer who follows Gaughran’s advice is destined for the bestseller list. (He signs off with, “No more excuses. See you at the top of the charts!”) Simple math tells us that’s not true, since there are more books than bestseller spots. However, by following Gaughran’s advice, your book will do much better than it otherwise would, and is a far, far better option than chasing down readers through ineffective promotion or annoying them on social media. In fact, Gaughran doesn’t want you to chase readers at all. LET’S GET VISIBLE is all about helping readers find you.


LET’S GET VISIBLE can be found here.


rating: 4 stars


This book is best for: advanced writers


I recommend this book.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran

  1. David is all about research and digging through numbers. He’s a helluva journalist, even though he doesn’t write for news outlets. This book makes sense. More importantly, it emphasizes how important it is for indie writers to THINK like publishers. It’s a tough business and writers have to work hard to succeed.

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