Building a Promotional Package by Michael K. Rose


BUILDING A PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE is a very short book with highly specialized information. It’s not a book about promotion itself. It doesn’t cover how or where to get attention for you book. Rather, it shows authors how to organize the documents they need when seeking publicity. In the analog era, this would be called a “media kit.” This is all the info about the author and the book in one place. It includes everything an author might want to send to a blogger or another news outlet. It may seem trivial, but this is no small thing. Modern authors are responsible for their own promotional work and staying organized is vital.

Rose covers the basics an author needs: book description, biography, links, social media blurbs, and pictures (of the cover and the author). He tells you why you need these documents, where to use them, and most importantly, how to create them. For example, if an author isn’t sure how to write a good book blurb or what goes into an intriguing biography, Rose has the answer.

Rose lists everything a new author needs to stay organized on the verge of a book launch. After doing it a few times, most authors have figured this out, but even experienced authors might look at their files and ask, “what am I forgetting?” Thanks to BUILDING A PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE, they won’t forget a thing.


rating: 4 stars


pie slices: 8 slices business


This book is best for: advanced writers


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