Page After Page by Heather Sellers


Writing is my favorite thing. If anyone asks me why I write, the answer is always the same. “Because it’s fun!” I get to write down the pictures in my head, and if I’ve done my job correctly, those same pictures appear in someone else’s head. How cool is that?

Heather Sellers feels the same way. She wants her students to “create a writing life where the writing process itself is so enchanting and delicious, you want to write….It’s not work. It’s not tedious or punishing. It’s what you do.” But she also knows that few writers achieve that happy state. Instead, we get bogged down in rules, word-count wars, and “discipline,” which many writers claim they need to do their best work.

But why not approach writing like a lover? PAGE AFTER PAGE suggests that writers do exactly that. No one needs discipline to spend time with those we love.

Sellers is more than a cheerleader. She has solid advice for living a writer’s best life. PAGE AFTER PAGE is divided into three sections. The first section is about the mindset and habits that will serve a writer well. Sellers has suggestions for getting started, keeping the butt in the chair, and keeping other voices (like those of our parents) out of our heads. The second section is about staying with it for the long haul, putting in as much time as possible to produce your best work. The third section is about meeting others in the larger world of writing: mentors, peers, and editors. Throughout, Sellers’ tone is gentle, even humorous, with plenty of examples.

Sellers is also realistic. She knows that writing–like any skill we want to master–takes effort. There are days that putting one word after another is a tedious slog. Sellers doesn’t pretend otherwise and has strategies to help. But she also shares an uncomfortable truth that few how-to books will. If writing is always more of a struggle than a joy for you, perhaps you’re not meant to be a writer. And that’s okay! Not everyone enjoys it.

But if you love to write as much as Heather Sellers does, and you can’t wait to live the writer’s life, then PAGE AFTER PAGE is for you.


PAGE AFTER PAGE can be found here.


Rating: 4 stars



This book is best for: beginning writers


I recommend this book.

3 thoughts on “Page After Page by Heather Sellers

  1. Sounds like she’s nailed it. Writing is fun but it’s also hard and definitely not for everyone. Which is indeed just fine.

  2. Your review makes me kind of fall in love with Ms. Sellers – and you! Writing should be about joy! Yes, it is true that every writer (maybe every artist?) needs to learn how to silence the excess cruelty of their inner critic, and it is true that some days are not great writing days, but it is also true that writing should be a transporting, beautiful experience.

    Thanks for making me aware of PAGE AFTER PAGE.


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