Bonus Blog: Top Ten Books

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Over on my personal blog, I’m rounding up my top ten how-to books for writers, and I thought that you guys might like to see the list as well.

You can click here to take a look.

I’ve reviewed something like 170 books on the Writing Slices blog, so choosing just ten was hard. How could I pick just one book by Lawrence Block or James Scott Bell or K.M. Weiland? Everything they write is fantastic. And of course, not every how-to book is right for every writer. It depends on what your strengths are, what you need help with, and how much experience you have. But in the end, I chose ten books that will give a fiction writer a well-rounded education.

Do you have writers on your holiday shopping list? You can’t go wrong with any of these titles. And you’ll probably want to put a few of them on your wish list yourself.

I’ll be back January 1st with a brand-new review.

Happy New Year!

Alex K.