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It’s time to type those two magic words: THE END. And I’m teaming up with author Lara Zielin to help you do exactly that.

If you’ve ever struggled with “What should I write?” or “What happens next?” or “Gah, I’m not sure I can do this!” then this class is for you. It’s a self-paced, online class. It’s easy, fun, and super affordable.

So what do you get for $39.95? You get five classes of awesomeness, that’s what you get. And the first class is on me! That’s right. The first class is totally free for you, and you don’t have to sign up or create an account or any of those other silly things. Just click and watch, friends!

I’m bringing the nuts and bolts of the novel-writing METHOD to the table, including plot points and character development insights.

Lara is bringing the breakthrough book-writing MINDSET front and center, using the Author Your Life method to help you connect to your highest, most creative self. She will show you how to overcome any obstacle that is keeping you from the page.

I’m telling you, this is a winning combo!

If you’re doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year, or if you just need some help jump-starting your novel, then you’ll want to sign up for our entire series called Yes We Can-owrimo!

It’s time to lay the foundation for getting your novel done, once and for all.

See you in class!

Your friend,

Alex K.

Author Your Life by Lara Zielin


A few years ago, Zielin was in a place that many people get to in the middle of their lives. Things just weren’t working out the way she wanted them to and everything was a struggle. Her finances, her weight, and her relationships were all bad and getting worse, and she was drinking more than she should. She knew she had to do something, but what?

Zielin is the author of several novels and nonfiction books, so naturally she turned to writing as a way out, and AUTHOR YOUR LIFE was born. Every morning, she woke up early and wrote down her life—not as it was, but as she wanted it to be. And slowly, over the course of a year, her real life started to match what was on the page. Not exactly affirmations, not exactly morning pages, Zielin’s journal was more of a roadmap for her soul.

Like Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott or On Writing by Stephen King, AUTHOR YOUR LIFE is part memoir, part instruction. Zielin is honest about her struggles and mistakes. She’s also extremely witty. She’s not some guru dispensing wisdom from on high. She’s a completely relatable middle-class Midwesterner. Zielin could be me. She could be all of us.

AUTHOR YOUR LIFE teaches you to use that awesome writer’s imagination of yours, but instead of visualizing the perfect outcome for your characters, you’ll be visualizing the perfect outcome for yourself. Through specific writing exercises and free-form journaling, Zielin takes you through all the steps needed to create your own happy ever after.

Writing down your ideal life every day won’t magically manifest your goals with no effort on your part. I don’t think there’s any magic involved. But I still think Zielin’s approach is brilliant.

Writing down your ideal life, day after day, forces you to clarify your goals. What do you really want? So many of us say we want to be writers, but don’t do the work that will make it happen. Doing the exercises in AUTHOR YOUR LIFE will force you to get super clear on your goals and see, in black and white, what it will take to get there. As you write, unexpected connections and solutions will come. Working toward your goals then becomes a pleasure, rather than a struggle, because you’ve cleared your own path.

Zielin doesn’t promise miracles. She’s far too smart for that. She promises hard work and struggle and setbacks and also clarity and joy and fun—just like the stories we love so much.

Reading AUTHOR YOUR LIFE was eye-opening and inspiring. I’ve already purchased several of my favorite blank notebooks so I can start telling the story that matters most: my own.


AUTHOR YOUR LIFE can be found here.


Rating: 4 stars


I recommend this book

Make Your Writing Bloom by Shonell Bacon


I never fall out of love with writing. It will always be one of my favorite things. But I do get shiny manuscript syndrome, where starting a new project seems more appealing than finishing the current one. MAKE YOUR WRITING BLOOM can help with that, as well as the more serious problem of general writer’s block.

MAKE YOUR WRITING BLOOM is a slim book that takes you through seven days of exercises. I often skip exercises in how-to books, but I took these seriously and finished all of them. Each day tackles your attitude about writing from a different angle. Why do you love to write? What fears do you have around it? What’s getting in your way? How can you incorporate writing into your daily life?

There are no wrong answers, and any epiphanies you have are up to you to interpret. There isn’t much advice in here at all, except to trust in the exercises, trust in the process, and keep writing. Bacon also includes snippets of her own struggles, which I found extremely relatable, since she’s a teacher and an editor, like me. We both are sometimes so overwhelmed with other people’s words that we have trouble finding our own.

Bacon is always realistic. She talks honestly about her setbacks and times she’s sabotaged herself, but not in a woe-is-me way. She overcame her own blocks, and is confident that we can do the same. I  appreciated that positive vibe. At this point in my career, I am completely over books that try to instill fear in writers or treat writing as something horrible and difficult. Bacon doesn’t do that, because she doesn’t have to. She starts by reminding writers why they love the craft so much, and it’s something she returns to again and again throughout the book.

While spending a week making my writing bloom, I fell a little bit more in love with my own writing too.


MAKE YOUR WRITING BLOOM can be found here.


Rating: 4 stars


This book is best for: beginning to intermediate writers


I recommend this book.


Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

It only took me about half an hour to read this book. It’s little, with big font, perhaps meant to be a gift book, or an impulse item at the cash register. I wasn’t surprised to learn that STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST started as a blog post. When the original post went viral, publishers came calling, asking Kleon to expand it into a book.

Kleon says that STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST is really just advice to his past self. It reads like someone talking to a very young person. Not condescending, but quite basic, with little nuance.

Each short chapter has one tidbit of advice to artists and writers. Kleon advises them on lifestyle choices (marry well, stay out of debt) and craft matters (don’t worry about originality, remix ideas you receive). There isn’t much new here. It’s either something writers are already doing, like reading a lot, or something found in a hundred other how-to books and blogs. For example, Kleon advises writers to step away from the internet to get more writing done, which is just common sense.

I was ready to call STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST a one-star book. Then I lent it to a teenage musician. He was absolutely blown away. He had an instant mind meld with Austin Kleon. Maybe a heart-and-soul meld, too. My young friend refused to give the book back and has read it multiple times since I lent gave it to him. To him, it’s a five-star book.

Clearly, I am not the target audience. Kleon isn’t speaking to me. He’s speaking to beginners, especially those who haven’t read a single other how-to book. To very young artists, advice like “ignore your enemies” or “keep a notebook of ideas” is not only new, it’s exciting. My musician friend felt energized after reading it. For him, it was the perfect book at the perfect time. Anyone who is already on the writing path will find STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST entertaining, but not very exciting. But for those just starting out, it’s magic.


STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST is available here.


rating: ??


This book is best for: beginning writers


I recommend this book or Word Work by Bruce Holland Rogers